Kamus Misuh Suroboyo – English

This post is inappropriate for minors and appropriate care should be taken to ensure that is not viewed by anyone less than 18 years of age.

This post contains strong and explicit languages, which are contains persistent use of expletives and profanity; however such words are infrequent and not used in a sexual context. This level is appropriate even for content with expletives and profanity bleeped out. It is also appropriate for suggestive dialog, sexual innuendo, discussion of adult themes, and the expression of strong views and opinions that viewers are likely to find offensive, disrespectful, or otherwise controversial. It may also include coarse and vulgar dialogue that is sexually explicit.

amput fuck. diamput being fucked. jamput ; being fucked. diamput kon iku! You are fuck!
ancuk fuck. ancik fucks diancuk being fucked. jancuk being fucked. jancik being fucked. jancuk jaran fucked by a horse. mbokne ancuk mother fucker. mbokne ancuk ancene! You’re mother fucker!
asu dog. kon iku asu! You’re just a dog!

bajingan scroundel. bajingan kon iku! you are scroundel!
bangsat rascal, scroundel
bathukmu sempal your forehead is destroyed
bawuk cunt. bawuk! cunt!
bedhes monkey
blobok sleep gunk. belek sleep gunk. kon iku belek! you are absurd!
bongko dead. kon iku luwih apik bongko! you are better be dead!

cangkem mouth. kakean cangkem to much talk
cocot mouth. kakean cocot to much talk. kon iku kakean cocot! you are just a big mouth!. nyocot ae! shut up your mouth!
congok stupid, kon iku ancene congok you are really stupid!. ngok congok! fool to you!
crongoan arbitrarily. ojok crongoan ae! don’t be arbitrarily!
cuk, cik see ANCUK. cuk! fuck you!

dengkulmu anjlog your knee plummet
dobol asshole. dobol jaran horse asshole. dobol kon iku! you’re fucking asshole!
dlogok stupid. kon iku ancene dlogok! you’re really stupid!

empal vagina. empal gundul child vagina. empal brewok adult vagina

gathel glanspenis. nggatheli peckerish. cuk, nggatheli! fuck you dick!
gambli ass hair
gegermu mlocot your back is chafed
gendeng crazy. wong gendeng! crazy man!
gidal plaque. gidal iki lo! plaque to you!
goblok stupid. arek goblok! you are a stupid boy
goroh bullshit. goroh ae uripmu! your life is bullshit!

jangkrik cricket. jangkrik! Damn it!
jaran horse. jancuk jaran fucked by a horse

kakikmu methel your foot frayed. kakikmu tumpes your foot destroyed
kentir crazy. kentir! you are crazy!
kirik puppy. kirik iki! you are a puppy dog!
konthol dick. kontholmu mliwek your dick is torn
kopok deaf. heh kopok! you deaf!

lholhok stupid. arek wis gerang kok sik lholhak-lholhok! very stupid and naif boy!
longor stupid
lonte bitch. lonte lanang gigolo. lonte! you are bitch!. ancene anake lonte! you are just a son of bitch!

makmu kancutan seng your mother is wearing iron-loincloth. makmu kiper your mother is a goalkeeper
matamu your eyes. matamu bithor youre eyes are blind!. matamu picek your eyes are blind!. matamu suwek your eyes are torn
matek dead. mateko kono! you’re dead!
mbahmu kutilen your nanny is wart. mbahmu kopoken your nanny is deaf
munyuk monkey. munyuk! you are like a monkey!

ndasmu pethal your head is chipped
ndhog bollocks. ndogmu! bollocks!
ndhos stupid. arek ndhos! stupid boy!
nggacor ae shut up your mouth
nyikmu koprol your mother somersaults

perek bitch. mbokmu perek! your mother is a bitch

raimu your faces. raimu cok! fuck your face!. raimu koyok asu! your face like a dog!. raimu bosok! your face is putrid!

sarap crazy. sarap, wong gendeng! you are really crazy!. makmu sarap! your ma so sick

taek shit. taekmu! your shit!. cangkemmu koyok taek! your mouth is full of shit
tempik cunt. tempik kon iku! you are cunt!

untumu your teeth. untumu krowak! your teeth broken!. untumu nggidhal! your teeth plaqued!

wedhus goat. wedhus kon iku! how silly you are!

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