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History of Windows

Windows is the Operating system made by Microsoft, founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. It becomes one of the most popular OS among all. Below are the history of Windows from the earliest version to the latest version.

Windows 1.0
Microsoft Windows 1.0 was the first version of the operating system in the world of operating systems based Graphical User Interface (GUI) created by Microsoft Corporation. This version was launched on November 10, 1983. Windows 1.x also supports multitasking among many programs. This is a very important improvement compared to the DOS, which was can only run one program (single-tasking) at a time. Because Windows 1.0 is still based on DOS, only one application is allowed to run in advance (foreground application), while the applications are running in the background (background application) temporarily disabled until the user re-enable it. This method is also called cooperative multitasking. Continue reading History of Windows